Steve's Plumbing & Gas offers a holistic service, which means that we approach every job with the big picture in mind. Instead of just turning up and fixing the problem that's immediately obvious, we look beyond that, to why the problem happened and whether there are any other issues that are about to cause you grief.

All of our tradesmen are experts in all three areas of our business; plumbing, gas, and drainage. This means that if you have a job that requires two or three of these services, you're only paying for one set of mileage and expenses when we send a single expert out. This is of optimum benefit to those people designing a home from scratch as we can design the most efficient system, right from the start.

We supply gas appliances and we also project manage bigger jobs for you, so that you can enjoy top quality workmanship with just the one invoice at the end.

Worried about those Target shows on TV? We've been in this game a long time. We wouldn't have survived, let alone prospered, if there was anyone in our team acting inappropriately. Read our testimonials to find out why Steve's Plumbing & Gas is the preferred supplier of so many people for their plumbing, gas, and drainage requirements.