Leaky Problems

Did you know that a dripping tap can waste as much as one litre of water per hour? We don't need to tell you how many litres that is in a day. And did you also know that most taps these days don't have washers in them? Instead they're a whole disposable unit, so if you've got a dripping tap it will pay to have a closer look at it before you drive down to the hardware store to buy a new washer.

If you've got a drip...drip...drip, give us a call. We can help with all kinds of plumbing problems including;

  • dripping valves
  • dripping taps
  • leaking taps
  • ajax / PR valves
  • leaking vents
  • plumbing maintenance
Stinky Problems

Toilets. We all have them. You wouldn't want to NOT have one, but when things go pear-shaped it's not very pleasant. We deal with blocked and leaking toilets all the time so don't feel embarrassed if you need to call for help. We'll be in and out of there faster than you can say U-bend. Talk to us about:

  • leaking toilets
  • blocked toilets
  • blocked waste pipes
  • blocked kitchen sinks
  • smelly toilets
  • plumbing maintenance
Plumbing Installations and Alterations

Sound plumbing is a must for easy day-to-day living, and peace of mind. If you're building a new home, or renovating an old one, talk to us about:

  • plumbing alterations
  • plumbing for new homes
  • hot water cylinders
  • plumbing maintenance
  • pipeouts (hot and cold)
Emergency Plumbing Situations

Remember that small jobs, left unattended, can turn into big jobs, so if you've got a little leak somewhere, talk to us now about getting it fixed.